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Texas is home to a dynamic and burgeoning book publishing industry, spanning various genres from fiction and non-fiction to children’s books and academic texts. The state’s major cities, including Houston, Dallas, and Austin, are bustling hubs for writers, editors, and publishing professionals. Below, we highlight some of the top book publishers in Texas that are making significant contributions to the literary landscape.


Here is the List of Book Publishing Companies in Texas:


1. Book Publishing and Marketing

This company specializes in the nexus of publishing and marketing, ensuring books reach their intended audience through comprehensive digital marketing strategies.



2. KDP Pro Publishers

KDP Pro Publishers is a leading authority in the world of book publishing company in United States, dedicated to transforming your manuscript into a market-ready bestseller. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive services, including expert editing, professional cover design, and targeted marketing strategies. With a keen understanding of Amazon’s KDP platform, we ensure your book stands out in the crowded marketplace. Trust KDP Pro Publishers to bring your vision to life and achieve unparalleled success.



2. Alpha Book Publisher

Alpha Book Publisher is renowned for its diverse offerings, supporting authors from manuscript to market. Their services include traditional publishing, self-publishing, and comprehensive marketing strategies. They cater to a wide range of genres and have a strong presence in major Texan cities.



3. Greenleaf Book Group, LLC

Located in Austin, Greenleaf Book Group specializes in independent publishing and distribution. Their innovative model blends traditional and self-publishing advantages, helping authors navigate the competitive book market.


4. Thistle Hill Publishing Services

Thistle Hill provides a complete suite of publishing solutions, from editorial services to marketing and distribution. They are dedicated to helping authors and small publishers reach their full potential.


5. Clear Fork Publishing

Clear Fork Publishing focuses on children’s and young adult literature, creating engaging and educational stories that foster a love of reading in young audiences.


6. Opportune Publishing

Known for its dynamic approach, Opportune Publishing caters to authors across various genres. They emphasize emerging trends and author empowerment, ensuring each book receives personalized marketing and distribution.


7. Firelight Books

Firelight Books specializes in educational resources, producing materials that support teachers and engage students. Their publications are designed to enhance learning experiences.


8. Octane Press

Octane Press publishes content for machinery and outdoor adventure enthusiasts, combining detailed information with compelling narratives.


9. Scribe Media

Scribe Media offers innovative publishing services for entrepreneurs and professionals, focusing on transforming ideas into published books efficiently.


10. Defiance Press & Publishing

Defiance Press is known for bold and provocative titles that challenge the status quo. Their works often tackle controversial themes and promote critical thinking.


11. New Life Publishing

New Life Publishing produces inspirational content aimed at spiritual growth and personal development. Their range includes devotionals and self-help guides.


12. Publishing Concepts, L.P. / PCI

Publishing Concepts helps alumni and professional organizations connect through commemorative publications, including directories and history books.


13. CaryPress International Books of Dallas

CaryPress offers bespoke publishing services, guiding authors from manuscript to market with a personalized approach.


14. Creative Enterprises Studio

Creative Enterprises supports independent authors and artists with small-scale, bespoke publishing projects.


15. Trinity University Press

Trinity University Press focuses on academic and literary contributions, publishing works that advance knowledge and enrich discussions.


16. Mermaid Publishers USA

Specializing in fantasy and children’s literature, Mermaid Publishers brings enchanting stories to life with strong, relatable characters.


17. Writers of the West

Writers of the West celebrates the literary tradition of the American West, publishing works that capture its spirit and stories.


18. HPN Books (Historical Publishing Network)

HPN Books is dedicated to regional and historical publications, preserving and sharing the history of communities and landmarks across the U.S.


19. Inspire On Purpose Book Publishing

Inspire On Purpose focuses on leadership, personal development, and empowerment, publishing works that motivate and inspire action.

Texas’s book publishing scene is vibrant and diverse, offering opportunities for writers, editors, and industry professionals to contribute to the creation and dissemination of new literary works. Whether you’re an aspiring author or an established writer, Texas’s publishers provide a supportive and dynamic environment to bring your stories to life.

20. Kbook Publishing

Based in Austin, Kbook Publishing offers comprehensive services, including editing, formatting, and marketing. Their Classic Plan is particularly popular among authors, providing robust support throughout the publishing process.

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